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Apple iPad Cases

Consider Apple iPad Cases for your next event. These cases are available in a wide range of attractive styles and colors

Real leather iPad Carry Case

Real leather iPad Carry Case. Made of simulated leather. The ultimate "IPad to Go" carry case. Made of simulated leather.

Colorful Silicone I-Pad case

Colorful Silicone I-Pad case  protect from scratches, bumps, and bruises, but allow for full control of device. Your client's logo or message is screen printed on a PMS matched silicone case where it is displayed loud and clear.

Ipad 3 Smart Cover ...Built-in magnets draw Coverthe Smart  to your tablet

Ipad 3 Smart Cover ...Built-in magnets draw Coverthe Smart  to your tablet for a perfect fit that not only protects, but also wakes up, stands up, and brightens up your tablet! This is the ultimate case for your new tablet Ipad 3 Smart Cover made of PU and PC, magnetic leather cover helps to control woke or sleep. Color choice and logo imprint are available. Shipping by sea.

Sport Shield iPad Case

Pink - Our Sport Shield iPad Case is a colorful alternative to today's drab iPad case offering. A dual-layer protective system, the SportShield has an exoskeleton crafted from a tough ABS plastic and our flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane inner lining. The SportShield is the ideal case for projecting corporate colors beyond the office and protecting the valuable iPad..

SoftShield iPad Case

The SoftShield iPad Case is crafted from high-performance thermoplastic polyurethane resin, not cheap silicone. With reinforced corners, our case has superior elasticity and is resistant to oil, grease, punctures and abrasion. Remaining flexible in a wide range of temperatures while maintaining excellent dynamic stability, the case will retain it's shape and keep your iPad protected and your brand looking good in the hands of your customer.

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