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BPA Free Water Bottles, Stainless Steel Bottles and Much More!

HDPE - BPA Free Bottle
Hampton Stainless Bottle With  Wrap
Aluminum Canteen Bottle w/ Carabiner..


New Roll-Up!  Create

a Buzz for your Next Promotion

HDPE - BPA Free Bottle Leak      resistant  push pull lid...Inexpensive

BOTTLE BAJA   Polycarb Style with Built In Finger Grip

Hampton Stainless Bottle With  Wrap Screw-off plastic cap with pull spout

Aluminum Canteen Bottle w/ Carabiner... stainless steel canteen shaped BPA-free 17 oz.

Water Bottle with Stainless Accents..
Stainless Steel Water Bottle
A.qua-Lite Sports Bottle
Cool Gear (R) Water FiltrationP BA Free Sport Bottle


Great Price.......

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Water Bottle with Stainless Accents...

BPA free bottle with stainless steel trim

Stainless Steel Water Bottle BPA-free double wall rubber band grip with a push button to lock/unlock drinking cap..

A.qua-Lite Sports Bottle.. perfect for nighttime sales and promotion lighted, re-useable Aqua-Lite Sports Bottle.

Cool Gear (R) Water FiltrationP BA Free Sport Bottle..filter and freezer stick system reduces chlorine taste and other impurities

BPA Free Water Bottles, Stainless Steel Bottles and Much More!

The most inexpensive would be the HDPE [High Density Polyethylene] which are BPA Free.  They are available in a host of colors and you can mix and match lid colors. They even are available to change color when ICE COLD LIQUID is added!  We have these with a 1 color imprint for under $1 !!!


The other popular materials these bottles are made of are Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Stainless Steel and Aluminum.  These are more upscale and cost more, but are definitely worth it!  They have more features including special lids from push/pull to spill proof and everything in between as well as carabiners.  They come in a Fiesta of colors and can be silkscreened or lasered.


A new addition just introduced is the Filtered style, which uses regular tap water.  These are strictly for water drinkers and provide the next best thing to bottled Spring water. These bottles do not look like what you may imagine and the filters actually come in vibrant colors that enhance any Logo!


The last bottle worth mentioning is the New Generation...The ROLL UP Bottle!  Just as the name implies, when empty, they roll up and can be easily packed in a small space and can even fit into your pocket or purse!  These are brand new and should be considered for your next promotion as they are sure to create a buzz.


Yes, as you can see, we have it ALL!  Let us help you get the most Bang for your Buck!


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The State of New York has Certified Kritzer Marketing as a Women Owned Business.

Perhaps one of the most important all year accessories is a " Water Bottle, AKA, Bike Bottle or Sport Bottle On any given day, whether we're at the beach, picnic, sporting event, fair, or even in the backyard or auto, we need to be hydrated and kept cool.  Having a sport bottle filled with cool liquid whether it be water or our favorite beverage does help. As with totes, sport bottles come in various sizes, materials and of course price ranges.

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