These Ceramic Mugs enable you to pick up on new trends that veer away from the usual products that your clients have been receiving ad infinitum 


Ceramic Travel Mug..10 oz  Espanola double wall ceramic  travel mug with matching brown silicone lid.

I Am Not A Paper Cup   double-wall porcelain cup is Eco-friendly and reusable, features a silicone top. Our logo on back. 3 7/8" W x 6" H x 3 7/8" D.

Ceramic Travel Mug With Handle 20 oz cobalt blue Fargo ceramic commuter or travel mug


       When you are on the road, you will see that the quintessential pit stops and travel centers all prominently feature a ceramic coffee cup with a silicone Lid in brightly designed patterns.

These Ceramic Coffee  Mugs look like the standard ordinary styrofoam mug that you find in the Pit stops on all maor highways, all travelers  carry them. This new promototional  mug, incorporates the ordinry with the new.  These Logo imprinted Ceramic mugs are colorful, durable, permanent, easy to handle and a permanant  reminder of their trip.  The Silicone lid looks like disposable plastic but in reality is  made of sturdy silicone.  Customers love  and buy these mugs and today they are a hot seller for the travel stores.  Thnk about it - Wouldn't it be clever to incorporate a product like this that people love and pay good money for into a marketing tool that will promote your brand?  It's really a no brainer. You can distribute these at your next corporate event, or consider what  a great Hoiday promotion it would be if you  mailed them out as holiday gifts, you can distribute them to  everyone in your office  so that they all have one prominently displayed  on their desk.  They can be basic white with your corporate logo or highly designed to make a statement. Explore these possibilities, it is new, fun and something to consider.

These porcelain mugs enable you to pick up on new trends that veer away from the usual products that your clients have been receiving ad infinitum.  Everyone attending now owns a cup with a corporate logo, they do make  great corporate promotional handouts but to repeat.. every one owns  a cup or two and  they are all over the place. It would be unusual for a consumer to attend a trade show or convention today without  receiving several  personalized coffee mugs. They do love and collect these mugs but these products really do not give any distinction to your brand. It's the same old same old!  In this day and age where you are always  trying to get a competitive edge you should  look for a product that will create an impression and draw consumers to your brand. These mugs are  young and trendy and appeal to the consumer base that you are looking for. 

This brings us to these tall, thin, friendly and fun ceramic containers with their  brightly colored lids that are so different from the usual  mug  that adorns all office desktops.  They have no handles to interfere with your design so you have the ability to create a design or Logo that allows you to show off your brand in an eye-catching way

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Ceramic Travel Mug...10 oz white Espanola double wall ceramic commuter or travel mug