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"Custom Coolers" a Hot Promotional Giveaway!

 Insulated Cooler Chair   with frame
Sports Cooler attach to golf bags or other luggage
BBQ Grill with Cooler Steel Base
Day Hike Back Pack Cooler
6 Can Cooler with Front  and  Shoulder  Strap
 Coleman (R) 42-can soft-sided wheeled cooler

Sports Cooler attach to golf bags or other luggage

"Custom Coolers" a Hot Promotional Giveaway!

An imprinted cooler is a great addition for your company's branding strategy that is welcome for any season. Recipients will take these coolers with them to sporting events, the office, to picnics or the beach. They're perfect for tailgate parties, that boating trip, as well as keeping it in the car trunk. These Coolers with your branding on it will be considered a basic necessity.

Your average beer drinker will love these coolers. It's a way for them to always have that crispy cold beer just the way they want it in a convenient attractive cases that coincidentally carries your logo! To take it to a higher level you can get a cooler large enough to carry not only the beer, but sodas, juices and the afternoon's lunch and trimmings. If you're throwing a party, be it your lawn, park or beach, these coolers can be upgraded to larger insulated cooler containers. These can also hold glasses to pour your beer, wine or juice into, bottle openers, dishes and cutlery. You can be sure to find a style to complement your promotion or event and you wont believe the selections available.

Some of the choices can be folding portable charcoal Bar-b-Cue grills on wheels with Cooler and stand, Insulated 24 can coolers, Eco-Friendly Cooler Boxes that are large enough to hold 36 cans and are insulated. You can also get double compartment 12 pack golf coolers, and how about a stereo coolers that allow you play your iPods through or MP3 players and radio. There are jumbo steel coolers with double locking lid and retractable handles.

As you can see the choices are endless and there is a cooler for every budget. As you can see Custom Coolers are really useful for picnics, camping, break-time, travel and fun! They are great for packing light snacks and drinks. Your recipients will love them for keeping their favorite beverages fresh and ice cold...and most important... no bacteria build-up!

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These COOLERS will be a welcome change from your typical giveaway and you will find your clients will be clamoring after them. When you distribute these products at trade shows you'll find the word will spread throughout the convention hall and you will be exposed to a whole new group of possible customers.