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MoMA Promos


Flat Bill Hats are todays Hot New Promotional Giveaway

A Flat Bill Hat is a trendy new design that has caught on with Golfers and Sportsmen. We have a style for every budget..

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Magic Flat Bill Cap
New Generation Fittie Flat Bill Cap
Nike Golf Flat Bill Cap
New Era Flat Bill Cap

Magic Flat Bill Cap

Magic flat bill cap.  Structured, six-panel, high-profile with sewn eyelets. Plastic tab snap closure.

Flat Bill Hats are todays Hot New Promotional Giveaway

If you are looking for today s Hot Promotional item for your company or business, then you have to consider A Flat Bill Fitted Hat!  These hats  are customizable items that can showcase your brand to large numbers of people. When you add your company logo to this trendy product you will surely boost your marketing image and it will further attract potential new clients.

These promotional Flat Bill Fitted Hats  can be given out at any event organized by your company. It can also be given away at trade shows, conventions  or at  a product launch. There are many styles to choose from and their is a style for every budget. Browse the various types and  select the style that best reflects your company or business. Unlike other items caps can be worn every day and in many places. People would rather have one of these new hats than receive a bunch of flyers or company brochures. The embroidered logo on the cap will cultivate awareness to potential customers. The recipients will take notice  of your companyand are appreciative of  being on the receiving end  of such a cool new product. This Flat Bill Hat  goes to the golf  course as well as sporting events. It is a strategic move for your company if you want to boost your  appeal and sales.

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