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Flip Flops, Sandals, Havaianas Styling

Today Flip Flops are great for meetings, cruises, trips, events, spas, resorts,  team fund-raisers and  more. Try our optional die-cut "Talking Footstep" sole that leaves your logo in the sand!

Custom Flip Flop Sandals, Havaianas
Custom Flip Flop Sandals /built in bottle opener in the sole
Surf Style Flip Flop with a Recessed Color 3 Layer Sole, arch support  and embroidered,
Custom Flip Flops
Flip Flop with vinyl straps

Custom Flip Flop Sandals,

Havalanas styling ,also optional die-cut "Talking Footprint" sole leaves your logo in the sand!

Custom Flip Flop Sandals /built in bottle opener in the sole.

Surf Style Flip Flop with a Recessed Color 3 Layer Sole, arch support  and embroidered, fleece lined fabric strap.

Custom Flip Flops with Plush Ultra Suede strap and die cast EVA Sole. Custom Colors

Flip Flop with vinyl straps.

Mix and match sole and strap colors to create your own custom  look. Imprint available

on insole and/or strap.

Flip-flop Sandals feature
Promotional Quality Sandal - Flip Flops.
Surfer Style Sandal
Wedding Flip Flop with Talking Footprint
Full Color Surf Style Flip Flop Sandal
Flip Flop Sandal.

Flip-flop Sandals feature

bamboo sole and arch support. This exotic sandal is a favorite at high end resorts.s.d Embroidery is standard. Options include the popular "Talking Footprint."

Promotional Quality Sandal - Flip Flops. Great beach or pool side promotion! Bottom logo is a great bonus, and can be customized.This is the same sandal sold by other top suppliers for 5x the price!!! 15mm thick EVA with PVC Strap.  

Surfer Style Sandal, the Malibu features a 19mm 3-layer sole, with wide fabric-lined EVA straps. Since the straps do not penetrate the outsole, it also offers a large unobstructed area for the optional "Talking Footprint."

Wedding Flip Flop with Talking Footprint   these stock sandals include custom printed straps and a special die-cut sole that will leave 'Just Married' all over the beach.

Laguna Full Color Surf Style

Flip Flop Sandal.   full color on this classic 15mm Zori flip flop sandalwith all-fabric straps. Choose from multiple strap colors compliment your look. Optional imprint available on strap.  

Flip Flop Sandals of premium synthetic lleather
Classic high quality Flip Flops

Flip Flop Sandals of premium synthetic

leather. They have a solid  rubber outsole for maximum durability, and a built-in arch support for the ultimate in comfort. The sandal rivals retail brands selling for $40 or more, and will please the most discriminating  customer.

Classic high quality Flip Flops with soft 15mm EVA foam rubber sole and comfortable natural rubber straps. This is a very popular sandal for quick turnaround and last minute shoppers.

"Tan-Through" Flip Flop Sandal. Your logo appears as a tan on your  foot! Our "Tan-Thru" feature uses a custom die-cut of your artwork through the fabric strap. It  has a 2-layer 14mm sole and offers an optional "Talking Footprint" sole.

Flip Flops, Havaianas, Sandals a promotional product that everyone loves!

Do you know anyone who does not own a pair of Flip Flops? Male, Female or Child, I think they're also making a version for Fido!  Kidding of course but making the point that they are everywhere!

These sandals originally were only worn for the beach, they were a drugstore or dollar store product that got stashed in the laundry or storage rooms. Sizes, or colors didn't matter as these were strictly utilitarian throw-a-ways. How times have changed! Today almost every high end store has a version of these shoes, some with stratosphere prices. Today the styles are endless and the materials used in their construction go from Plastic, Vinyl, Leather, Satin, Denim, Bamboo and more.

They are worn by everyone to almost any event, they are even available in White Satin for Weddings. Women wear them to work and carry their classic pumps to change into when they get to the office. They are great for navigating the malls and are oh so comfortable at sporting events.They can and are worn with all kinds of attire, be they frilly flowing dresses or jeans. Although not recommended, men have ben known to wear these sandals  with formal attire to the most elegant affairs.

As you can see promotional imprinted sandals can be one of the most fun giveaways. This hot product is a perfect marketing tool for you to use to promote your company logo.  When you're looking for a giveaway for special events, brand awareness, seasonal promotions, fund raisers, trade shows or your next convention, consider this hot new product. These thongs are one of the most popular gifts today. Your company logo can be put on the narrow straps, wide bands, and don't forget the talking soles where you logo is cut into the sole.  It will leave an imprint on the sand and is a conversation opener that will bring a smiling awareness to your brand.  On other occasions, when sitting at leisure with crossed legs, every passer by sees and usually comments on these fun shoes.

The woven Japanese Zori seems to be the pioneer of  todays Flip Flops. They have graduated since then where today they are socially accepted almost everywhere.

Aside from the fashion statement these shoes make, they really are functional  They are great for walking on city streets, on the playground, sporting events, attending class and protecting your feet against the elements.

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