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Hardcover Jotter Journals

Notice there is a Journal Book and a price for every budget. A Hardcover Jotter Journal sits on your desk, travels in your Briefcase or Pocket. No matter how many tech gadgets are in play...this is a great marketing tool to show off your Brand

 Embossed  Journal with Gold Foil
Hard Cover Jotter Journal Eco Combo with Perfect Bound
Spiral Hard Cover Notebook with Pen Clip.
Neoskin Combo Journal

Embossed  Journal with Gold Foil

Hard Cover Jotter Journal Eco Combo with Perfect Bound

Ecology  HardCover Journal  Contrast Paperboard
Rugged Journal with Rugged 65 Point Hard Cover,
Recycled Notebook  and Pen
Recycled Paperboard Wrap Cover Journal.
Neoskin(R) Hard Cover Journal
Square Jotter Pad

WHY HARD COVER Jotter Journals are such a great Promotional Marketing Investment

This is an item your recipients need and want and today's Jotter Journalsare always appreciated when received as a promotional gift at a special event.

Clients no longer feel that this is a  product dating back to their childhood. They may reminisce back to the days when they were kids in grade school and fondly remember the ever popular Composition Notebook and may even get a little sentimental when thinking of the famous black and white trademark design on the front and back covers. However that is where the story ends. Today every desk, pocket or purse has some kind of note book in their possession.

Today in spite of having all the high tech devices at hand the need to protect their work from crashes is imperative.  Obviously a  quick note in your Journal Book is fast and secure. While  they can enter all kinds of  info into their Smartphone, I-Pad, Tablet, L,aptop,   they may have still have the need to enter important info quickly  and they reach into their pocket, or across their desk where  the notepad is always at hand. Perhaps your Smartphone is tucked away in your jacket which may be across the room, maybe even recharging or your i-Pad is safely stored in your BRIEFCASE and your laptop or computer needs to be booted up, now what  If your trusted and loyal journal book is sitting  on their desk with your company logo staring at them, all they would have to do is open it to a clean page and start writing!

Another thing to keep in mind is losing information. We've all had the unfortunate experience of losing information on our laptop or computer after getting a glitch or worse yet a virus, and then losing everything! If it's written down a black and white hard copy will always be readily at hand.

The other thing to remember is that not everyone has or can afford these high-tech gadgets. Aside from that many people just feel more comfortable writing things down such as business notes, a recipe, diet, exercise stats and misc. entries into the ever popular diary. The list is virtually endless. The journal is very convenient,  it can be read and written into when a laptop is not available or can be used when one is a passenger in a car, bus, train and even plane.

Yes, the journal is a very trusting, inexpensive and loyal personal possession which will never go out of style or be taken over by modern devices. This is a gift that will keep giving as your brand is always visible and in constant use.

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