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Printed Notebooks

Clients will need, want and keep one of these usefull Printed Promotional Notebooks ...Your company Logo is always at hand. Just go through our varied assortment of Custom Notebooks and select the style that suits your next promotion

Translucent Plastic Case Jotter
Spiral Bound Notebook
Notepad Journal Aluminum Alloy Cover
NeoSkin HardCover Journal
ECO-SPIRAL Bound Journal

ECO-SPIRAL Bound Journal

Office Pad..Memo and Flag Holder


Memo and Flag Holder

for the techie in us all.


for the techie in us all.


Printed Notebooks

NOTE BOOKS with your company Logo are quite popular promo items as not only are they functional and inexpensive but with all the options we offer they can also be stylish and durable as well. You will never go wrong branding your logo on the cover of one of these gems.

When considering branding as a marketing strategy, a very popular feature we offer is having your logo and/or mission statement printed on every page. Another unique option we suggest is to have your logo imprinted in the middle of the page in a low percentage screen so your logo appears very discretely, looking like a "watermark".....Very Chic!

The Printed Notebnook also has a very expansive recipient list. We are all aware of the extensive use of high tech media devices but the basic ever popular notebook has never been displaced.They are used by both sexes in all age groups from school children, college students to adults.  Notebooks  are needed and used in the home as well as in the work place or for personal use.

The SPIRAL  NOEBOOK is the most popular choice and is available in a large variety of sizes and materials. The CARDBOARD COVER is popular as are the PLASTIC POLY and VINYL COVERS. For a more Trendy Notebook you may want to consider the METAL ALUMINUM COVER and for a more Traditional look, consider LEATHER , whether it be FAUX or GENUINE.

There are also many processes available for branding your Logo. Depending on the cover you select, your Logo can be Silkscreened, Hot Stamped in Foil, Blind Debossed or Embossed. For a more unusual and unexpected look, consider embroidering  your logo on a cover of canvas will certainly be making a statement.

A wide variety of Printed Notebooks  are available depending on your budget and you also have the option to add a PEN, CALENDAR or CALCULATOR and can choose from various closures.

We're only a phone call or email away. We will  help you select from a stock item or help you create a custom journal that is uniquely yours. We can get you get the most bang for your buck.

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