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Promotional Umbrellas and Rain Ponchos....What Fun

Promotional Umbrellas and Rain Ponchos" that have been customized with your Company Logo are standout giveaways, these are not throwaways !

Leeds Golf Umbrella
Bambams Safety
 Bambams Safety Auto UMBRELLA
Stromberg Auto FoldingUMBRELLA
Heavyweight  Rain Poncho
  Trent Golf UMBRELLA

Promotional Umbrellas & rain ponchos; A Rainy Day gift that goes every where.

Umbrellas have various uses. Of course It's it's major use is that of providing protection against inclement weather however when it comes to  your marketing strategies this is an ideal product to promote your brand. Golf umbrellas and rain ponchos are the two varieties that are widely used. Because of their functionality, you will hardly see a household or office without it.

Back to UMBRELLAS.... they are used for many purposes. Of course the major function is to shelter against the inclement weather but Sun protection is also a real need. It's not the parasol your grandmother knew but real protection for the golfer or observer sitting in the stands or watching the match at sporting events that have started a trend. Because of their usefulness, every household has at least one.

Whatever your location, no matter the season, an umbrella is an absolute necessity for the usual weather surprises. When you add your logo to this much appreciated promotion your customers will remember you every time they open one up. Every home, office, car, boat usually has one stored in an easy to reach space.

As I said earlier many umbrella variations can be found and your choice is limitless. The internet will expose you to an unlimited selection of promotional umbrellas. A popular style is the multi functional FOLDING UMBRELLA.  They are small enough to fit into a purse, computer case, travel bag or car. They disappear and are unobtrusive when not in use. Some are handle push button styles that are great when you're carrying packages and only one hand is available.

To go to the other extreme there is the WALKING STICK UMBRELLA  that really looks and works like a walking stick and then opens to a nice long shaft. The WINDPROOF style is quite popular as it is a sturdy functional umbrella that works well on open golf courses as well as windy city streets.

GOLF UMBRELLAS were once made only for the use of golfers. They are usually oversized and your customers always love to receive them. They give you a large area for you to place your logo, either in a discreet design or splashed across the whole expanse. These large umbrellas are used by non-golfers as well because they are so functional. The enormous size gives such great coverage during those violent storms that can come up so suddenly. It covers not only your recipient but whatever other valuables they may be carrying.

Some Golf Umbrellas are as large as 70 inches in measurement, but they are also available in smaller 60-65 inch sizes which is still pretty large. FIBERGLASS GOLF UMBRELLAS will resist lightning and are lighter than you would expect considering the size. For your promotional purposes you can find almost any brand on the internet. There are wonderful colors and shapes that wouldn't start to fit into this small article.

RAIN PONCHOS mentioned earlier are popular promotional giveaways. They are very inexpensive, really cheap, you can put your logo on the outer case and have baskets of them to give out at the next trade show, or Swag bag filler. As inexpensive as they are, your recipients will keep it, use it and thank you every time it bails them out. Bulky clothing or evening wear (large sizes) are no deterrent, even your ipad or attache case will be protected.These hooded rain ponchos can be clear or brightly colored. Your logo can go on the case or the poncho, they can be throw-a-ways or reusables made of material that is not only water resistant but good looking. They are fun to wear and you always see them at sporting events, running through city streets or a run from the car to the mall.

If you want to satisfy consumer needs and furnish a product that is functional as well as trendy, consider distributing one of these promotional items at your next event. They are also inexpensive enough that you do not have to limit who you give them out to. It's to your advantage to distribute your name which is really what we're talking about to as many hands that will grab for them. And days, weeks, months later when used by people who are only vaguely aware of your company, A Red Light Goes On!

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